People often ask about fundamentals when trading Forex. That is certainly a fair question to raise because even non-traders know that trading and investing involves fundamentals and technical analysis of the markets. However, almost all Forex training that I’ve ever come across, only deals with technical analysis.

So, if all the emphasis in training for Forex trading is on the technical aspect, what part does fundamental analysis play? For me at least, fundamentals analysis has nothing to do with my Forex trading decisions. I trade price action charts and make my decisions based on what the market sentiment is at the moment.

Of course, it’s prudent to be aware of current global events and news releases. Trading news releases can be quite profitable for short term entries and exits. But, news releases only happen ever so often and are not always reliable. I’ve never heard of a full time trader that only trades news releases. And since the Forex market can be traded 24 hours per day, it makes sense to have a solid strategy that works outside of news releases and global events.

That is why you will find other information on this site about how to make short term, high probability trades. I have not re-invented the wheel here, but only passed on time tested and proven techniques that I’ve learned over the years. For example, the post on the T-Line strategy, is just such a technique.

I also teach the T-Line strategy in my courses and practice this strategy with students on no risk demo accounts. This helps students to gain confidence that they can trade themselves and start to make profit after completing their training.

fundamentals or technicals

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