Indicators are something that all traders are familiar with. When I first started learning Forex trading, I learned about lots of different indicators that traders use on  MT4 to give them clues as to when to enter and exit a trade. But, even after several months of trading, I didn’t have much success with indicators. So, I did what a lot of new traders probably do and looked for other indicators or other trading strategies. Again, not much success with my trading.

No Indicators

These days are different and I use very few indicators. Now, I spend my analysis time trying to understand “price action”–what the price is doing right now and what is the sentiment of the market. I am a short term trader and only interested in what the market is doing at the moment. I have found that my success rate has improved dramatically and has become consistent.


You can see the sample chart above that it looks clean and easy on the eyes. There is not a lot of interpretation or analysis necessary. Yet, it gives you enough information to know what the market is doing at the moment.

For a sample of trading with fewer indicators watch this video: Watch Video 

Posts, articles and videos on this website will be about short term trading, scalping and intraday trades. If you are interested in what the market will be doing in a few weeks or a few months from now and how to trade accordingly, then this site is not for you.

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