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Learning the correct skills and knowledge is the key to success in Forex trading.

It is so important that you get off to the right start. Proper education about trading is the only way to ever become successful in Forex.

Beause of technology,  trading Forex is now accessible to anyone with a laptop, smartphone  or  tablet and an internet connection. And because it is so readily accessible, many people are attracted to the lucrative income potential that can be made in the Foreign Exchange Market.

With proper education, you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams. Rick’s goal is to provide you with the skills, knowledge and support necessary to become a successful Forex trader.


Every successful trader has had one or more mentors that helped and guided them to success.

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel in order to find your success as a Forex trader. Many, many people have gone down the road before you and overcame the hurdles and obstacles in their quest for success.

It makes the journey so much smoother if you can learn from other people’s mistakes. Sure, you will stumble and fall occasionally, but having a mentor will help insure that you keep going in the right direction. Everyone has different learning abilities and some take longer than others to figure things out. A mentor will have already been through what you will go through and that alone will in itself be a guiding light.


You'll never feel that you're all alone. There will always be someone to help.

After learning how to trade, it takes time, patience and effort to achieve consistent profitable results. Trading Forex is an ongoing learning process. You will have the benefit of being in our LINE support group and Telegram signal group.

Being a part of those groups will provide the ongoing support and learning you need to achieve the results you want. You will be able to chat with other traders, stay aware of market moving news, and thus, gain confidence with trading. In the signal group, you will receive entry and exit points for making daily trades.


It's no exaggeration that in this industry, the potential is unlimited.

There are multiple ways to have income from the Foreign Exchange Market. Trading yourself, buying and selling is only one method. You can greatly reduce your time and effort by learning how to run EA’s or robots. Robot trading is semi automated and requires extra training, but anyone can learn.   

Another source of income can be had from CopyPip which some may know as copy trading. You can find additional information about CopyPip on this website.

And still the best source of income you can have is by simply introducing your friends to Fullerton Markets. The broker will pay you a commission instantly every time your friend makes a trade whether you trade or not. This is true passive income.    

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